Infrastructure for Geo-IT

Joep Crompvoets, Senior Researcher & Consultant in Spatial Data Infrastructures, Leuven Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium and Secretary-General Euro SDR

Martin Salzmann, Director of Strategy and Policy with the Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency of The Netherlands (Kadaster)

Geoinformation infrastructures have proven to be a key element for efficient and scalable use of geodata by professionals around the world. However, is the infrastructure sufficiently prepared for the future challenges in geoinformation? Both the data acquisition and the use of geoinformation are changing. Concepts such as the Internet of Things, Linked Data and voluntary data collection are resulting in a much more diverse range of data inputs. Meanwhile, the typical user base is shifting from professionals to regular users. In this workshop we will review how we should prepare our geoinformation infrastructure for the future.

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