Climate Change

Wim van Wegen, Editorial Manager, GIM International

Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Earth Observation Applications Engineer in the Earth Observation Science & Applications Department of the European Space Agency in ESRIN

Climate change has now become central to our sustainable development challenge, as it can undermine development gains and put the lives of billions of people at risk, with the most vulnerable citizens being in poorer countries. The links between development and climate change are now clear and unavoidable. Enhancing the resilience of our society to natural hazards and climate change while developing a sustainable low-carbon economy is one of the greatest global challenges we face today. Addressing these challenges requires timely and reliable data and information about our planet. Earth Observation (EO) data from space can play a key role in this endeavour by delivering global, repetitive, consistent and timely information on the state of the environment and its evolution. In this context, this workshop will explore how data – in particular from Copernicus satellites – can support climate science, adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk management.

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