Time is Ticking…Secure Your Place at the GIM International Summit!

2016 has just begun and the GIM International team wishes you a happy, healthy and inspiring New Year! Talking about inspiring… why not seize the opportunity to participate in the GIM International Summit? This brand new event – taking place from 10-12 February in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – will immerse you in state-of-the-art geomatics from a different perspective. This unique conference connects the geospatial sector with the challenges faced by modern society.

Top speakers such as Hans Rosling, Morten Jerven, Vanessa Watson and Ed Parsons will each deliver a keynote. In addition, thanks to the interactive workshop programme – including topics like urban planning, climate change, agriculture and infrastructure for geo-IT – delegates will learn about the latest geomatics technologies that can help to tackle society’s challenges. Take part in the GIM International Summit to benefit from vital knowledge that will support your organisation’s future.

There is only a space for a limited number of delegates, so don’t delay and risk missing out on the last few remaining places. Click here to register today.