RIEGL to Demonstrate Terrestrial Laser Scanning Innovation at GIM International Summit

Urban mapping puts high demands on the surveying instrument with respect to multi-target capability, maximum measurement range, and accuracy. Furthermore the necessity to operate repeatedly and quickly in a non-surveyor-friendly environment asks for high speed, versatility, ease-of-use, and reliability. At the GIM International Summit, RIEGL will demonstrate how the company takes terrestrial laser scanning to the next level.

RIEGL’s V-Line terrestrial laser scanners provide sophisticated laser scanning technology like echo digitisation, online waveform processing, and multiple-time-around processing. Now RIEGL presents the latest developments and further improvements with respect to user-friendliness and performance in terrestrial applications. Besides the improved measurement performance the new VZ-400i features three innovative steps which will help pushing the limit of what has been known as static laser scanning: First, there is a boost in computational power through the added system processor. This enables complex processing steps to be performed on-site. Second, there is an integrated GNSS receiver and a set of pose sensors which enable real-time registration. Third, the VZ-400i provides cloud connectivity enabling online reporting and supervising the surveying in the field.

During the GIM International Summit, RIEGL will show examples of workflows suitable to meet the demands of next-generation urban mapping and outline the possibilities of latest Lidar technology.