ITC University of Twente

ITC is the Faculty of Geo-Information, Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente, The Netherlands. ITC offers degree, diploma and certificate courses in geoinformation science and Earth observation in seven domains. For more information, check

“At ITC we are very proud to partner with the GIM International Summit. For 65 years we’ve sought to inspire generations of students, to build capacity relating to the use of geospatial information and earth observation technologies. Our work has always been driven by the demands of society. We believe geospatial tools play a key role in improving people’s livelihoods and the health of the planet. The GIM International Summit puts today’s most pressing issues on the agenda: food security, water management, infrastructure provision, climate change, and social justice. Let’s learn from experts in these domains, and explore how our sector can truly make a difference.”

Prof Tom Veldkamp (Dean ITC, University of Twente)

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